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There's no substitute for immaculate cleanliness and that's what Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. delivers. From once-a-month residential visits to daily cleaning for large office and retail properties, we're your top choice for professional-grade cleaning in Vancouver with affordable prices.

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Serving the Vancouver community with flawless janitorial work.

When you want the level of service that only the best janitorial team in Vancouver can provide, then you want Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. . We deliver full cleaning solutions for strata properties, offices, commercial locations, and more.

Backed by an impressive history and offering competitive prices for all the work we do, there's a reason why Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. has risen to the top. Pure and simple, we'll professionally take care of all your cleaning needs at a price that fits within your budget.

Exquisite and affordable janitorial work is possible in Vancouver - call Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. at to learn more.

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A Wide Range of Cleaning Services

With peerless experience and unmatched janitorial ability, Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. is a one-stop shop for all cleaning work. Read more about our primary service areas by clicking to the below.

If you've hired Vancouver housekeeping businesses in the past only to be disappointed, then Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. is the change you're looking for. Specialized in top quality cleaning that goes above and beyond your average housekeeper, we're a full service solution for both one-time visits and programmed cleaning schedules that keep your home looking immaculate.

Ranging from standard sweeping and mopping to deep cleaning tasks such as baseboard washing, the Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. team is capable of completing nearly any cleaning work your home might need. For other residential cleaning clients in Vancouver, we've customized unique workflows that emphasize home sanitation and we're happy to do the same for you.

Part of what makes us the best option for janitorial work in Vancouver is our experienced cleaning team, every member of which is armed with a long service history as well as finely honed cleaning skills. To keep your home safe, secure, and clean, all of our employees have gone through a rigorous screening and training process that includes background checks and detailed cleaning technique instruction.

With affordable prices and unmatched janitorial quality in Vancouver, call 604-263-6014 to set up your next Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. residential cleaning visit.

Whether you're running a small Vancouver office or managing a large-scale industrial operation, the simple truth is that your business needs to be clean. It's no secret that a boost in the level of cleanliness can improve productivity, enhance employee morale, and even grow sales in retail environments. At Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. , we specialize in delivering the kind of clean that helps your business succeed.

For most of our commercial janitorial clients in Vancouver, having a partner that is flexible with scheduling is of extreme importance. As such, our cleaning teams can mobilize on short notice and can also be scheduled to come during off-hours when the work we do won't interfere with your day to day business.

At the heart of the Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. commercial janitorial service is the simple understanding that there are no two Vancouver businesses that have the same cleaning needs. For that reason, each of our clients receives personalized attention and a customized plan that attends to the specifics rather than a one-size-fits-all approach.

When you contract Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. for your commercial janitorial work, you're getting a professional company with exquisite services that deliver every time. Call us today at 604-263-6014.

Some Vancouver contractors are notorious for the mess they leave after a construction project, but Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. offers a perfect remedy for the disarray - professional janitorial services that are well-equipped to deal with construction sites ranging from new home builds to renovations and all points in between.

The key to any successful post-construction cleanup in Vancouver is being thorough and meticulous to remove all dirt and debris before the space is used again. At Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. , we know that to truly achieve a clean state, your property will need tile scrubbing, deep vacuuming, light fixture dusting, and other tasks that get even the hardest to reach areas perfectly clean.

Instead of trying to do it yourself, it's a better idea to call in the pros at Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. . With experience that encompasses all types of construction projects, we'll know exactly what your location needs to start fresh with a completely clean slate.

If you don't want to find drywall dust and wood shavings for months to come, choose Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. as your Vancouver post-construction cleanup provider. Call 604-263-6014 to speak to a member of our team.

In this day and age, there's no excuse for using products and techniques that can be damaging to the local Vancouver community. At Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. , we're committed to green cleaning and are perfectly capable of delivering not only a property that shines but also one that minimizes the environmental impact of the cleaning process.

Regardless of whether you need regular janitorial service or sporadic visits from our professional team, we have the green cleaning options to make sure that your Vancouver home or business is doing its part without sacrificing cleanliness as a result. All of our standard janitorial services are available with green cleaning options.

To deliver eco-friendly janitorial solutions, Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. has established partnerships with several vendors that offer a wide range of cleaning supplies. In addition, each member of our team understands both the importance of green cleaning and the reasons why our clients demand a socially responsible answer to their cleaning needs. We're local to Vancouver and want only the best for our neighbors and community.

For green cleaning solutions that go the extra mile, call Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. at 604-263-6014 to learn more about our environmentally friendly products and techniques.

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Commercial Building Maintenance Ltd. provides professional janitorial service to a growing number of clients in the Vancouver area and beyond.

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We offer 24Hrs Emergency Services

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